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The Best Case Management

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Professional and Compassionate Response to Your Needs

Professional Case Management
in the Toronto Area and Surrounding Regions

Our multidisciplinary team collaborates with patients, their families, other caregivers and external stakeholders to define and achieve client’s individual health-oriented goals. This enables clients to perform activities of daily living conveniently, manage their condition without the need for further hospitalization and advancing equipped with the knowledge, resources, and support they need in their homes.

Why Choose TOP NOTCH
Healthcare for Case Management

We are committed to providing the most comprehensive, consistent health care that will help you to take advantage of the benefits offered by your insurance or other subsidies you may have access to through other organizations.

Case management services are included at no additional cost in the regular services that you choose through Top Notch Healthcare Agency in Toronto.

Our experienced, carefully selected team of case managers will meet with you regularly as part of the services they provide in your personalized care plan, a valuable resource for you and your family.

Life circumstances can change quickly, and top notch healthcare agency Services is ready to meet this challenge. You can feel secure knowing that your caregiver is in an excellent position to anticipate your evolving needs, especially when managing Alzheimer’s patients or critical care situations. 

Home care is a convenient way to receive care in the familiar comfort of your home. Being in the safe environment of your home can promote your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Engaging with a personal support worker and enjoying social companionship can also promote a positive and healthier mood.

What We Offer with Case Management


  •  Free, no-obligation in-home initial assessment that will allow your Case Manager to understand your home environment and give you an opportunity to interact with us where you feel comfortable.
  •  Planned, regular visits to check in with you so that you have one-on-one time with us to express concerns or satisfaction with your service and to conduct safety checks. Milestone Health Services Halton respects your privacy, so we won’t arrive unannounced! These visits will help us to assess your changing needs.
  •  Advocacy services to help you access health care services
  •  Coordinated communication with your other health care providers upon request to keep all of your services streamlined and properly managed.
  •  Medical supplies and equipment delivery based on your needs.
  •  Coordination of other services for your home or health needs such as property maintenance or transportation to doctor appointments.
  •  Ongoing communication with your family to keep everyone informed, as you see fit, to ensure peace of mind
  •  24-hour on-call support for emergency care or questions that may arise such as medication dosages or new symptoms that may cause you concern.

Get in Touch for Case Management

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